We have a purpose built five lane indoor range which includes a clubroom, WC and facilities for making tea, coffee etc. In keeping with the name St Giles the range is wheelchair accessible.
The .22 small bore range is 25 yards and 20 yards.

The Air Rifle and Air Pistol ranges are 6 yards, 10 Metres and 20 yards.

Full bore firearms (Pistol Calibre) are fired at 20 yards.



All the following target shooting disciplines are available:

Small-bore prone rifle at 25 yards.
.22 sporting rifle at 20 yards.
.22 & .177 air rifle at 20 yards.
.22 Benchrest at 25 yards.
Target air rifle at 10 metres.
Target air pistol at 10 metres.
Target air pistol at 6 yards.
Target air pistol at 20 yards.
Pistol caliber rifle at 20 yards.


Rifles And Ammo:

The club has a number of firearms available for the use of members. These include small-bore target and sporting rifles, a .38/.357 underlever rifle, a target air rifle, a target air pistol and a PCP air rifle. All are available without charge.

PCP recharging is also available. And a good selection of ammo and pellets.