New membership:

If you wish to apply for membership of the club please send an e-mail or call us on 0191 386 9228. You can not turn up without prior notice and expect to be handed a firearm and start shooting!

All new members will be required to serve a six month period of probationary membership (This period may, in some instances, be shortened at the discretion of the Management Committee).

During the probationary period, the new member will be made aware of the club rules, regulations and activities.

The new member will be supervised by a competent full member of the club and be coached in the safe handling and use of firearms. Range safety procedures will be explained and demonstrated.

New members will not be allowed unsupervised use of firearms until considered competent by one of our Range Control Officers.

New members are expected to attend on a regular basis during their probationary period.

Probationary members will be considered for full membership by the Management Committee following their six month’s probationary period. The Committee will then, either offer the probationer full membership, extend the probationary period or decline membership.

Minimum age:

There is no minimum age for membership but please bear in mind the practicalities of a ‘minor’ being able to physically handle what is often a heavy and large firearm. We require all minors to be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for their behavior whilst attending the club. The adult need not be a member of the club, but if they are not, they will not be allowed to participate in club activities.


It is an offence under section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 for a prohibited person to have firearms in his/her possession at any time. This applies to anyone who has been sentenced to imprisonment or youth custody or detention in a young offenders institution for three months or more. If the sentence was for three years or more, the ban is for life. For less than three years, the ban is for five years from the day of release from custody.